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MAY 15TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. TRESPASSING: (03:29)
Adam "Executive Producer" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Pharrell Fucking Williams - Producer, Composer, Lyricist; Andrew Coleman - Arranger, Recording Engineer; Rene Toledo - Assistant Engineer

written ~June 2011

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♫♪ life’s my light and liberty, and I shine when I wanna shine ♫♪

1/29/12 Q Snowcase :'D
2/3/12* UK showcase for industry ppol omg the dancing ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥
3/8/12 Atlanta - Jezebel Mag party, shot by the fabulous lady_rinehart
4/2/12* 104.3 My FM Los Angeles
4/5/12* NewNowNext Performance
4/26/12* Jimmy Kimmel

@heatworld how different is the studio version of Trespassing fron the snippet we heard at Snowcase?
@freaky_glambert Pharrell produced it... what do you think? :) its gonna hit HARD

@heatworld @adamlambert cannot get the beat of Trespassing out of my mind. Do you find yourself humming ur own songs or someone else's?
@55glamgal @adamlambert Girl- you havent heard that beat yet.... lol just get ready. I hum whatevers in my head... sometimes mine

@heatworld Is the album version of Trespassing a lot different than the acoustic version you did in Austria.
@MistyGlitter YES... naturally. that was an acoustic preview... The track is so sexy....

@heatworld Is Trespassing hard to sing? You make it sound so easy, I was just wondering...
@AleksandraKv Feels soooo good to sing....

BYRON: The title track is BANGIN! Really feelin that “We Will Rock You” [Queen] inspired opening rhythm, the bass lines got an “Another One Bites The Dust” feel to it and there’s a really cool guitar hook. Best line has gotta be, Wait till ya get a load of me. There’s a breakdown part near the end just straight Adam vox and drums. No bass. Sick.

DEAN PIPER: Who knew that Pharrell and Adam would make such an insanely good match! Not an obvious pairing but it feels so slick. It brings the FUNK and has a Gwen Stefani Hollerback Girl clap to it. You could imagine the video the second the claps began. It also has a touch of early Queen to it in the shape and form of the thundering bassline running throughout.

EQ: Speaking of infectious tracks, "Trespassing" is one that really hits home for me as a Queen fan. Right from the beginning it features a bass line and beat extremely reminiscent of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" while maintaining a very unique sound. The chorus to this song is also very big, and very, very anthemic; one that you'll be passionately singing along with every listen. It's almost as if he gave Queen a pop kick and brought their sound into 2012.

EQ (full album review):The title track is one HELL of an opening track to one hell of an album. As I’ve said before, as a huge Queen fan, this track really hits home for me, as it sounds just like a Queen song jettisoned into 2012 (the bass line is especially reminiscent of Another One Bites the Dust). As Adam told us himself back in February, this track is a big exclamation of a “fuck you, I’m fierce!” mentality. It’s big, it’s in your face, it’s expressive and it’s anthemic. Perfect opening to this album.

SUGARSCAPE: Full of foot stomps, hand claps and - to be cheesy - FUNK. Instantly catchy, camp as hell, pure pop joy. [...Queen?]

DIGITAL SPY: We immediately noted down the band Queen when listening to the title track 'Trespassing'. Co-produced by Pharrell Williams, it combines funky bass with stadium-rousing rawk guitars and hand claps. I was walking for some time when I came across this line, he belts with a growly vocal on the chorus. We're assuming this will be a single at some point, and if it's not, there will be trouble.

POP JUSTICE: It's an 'Another One Bites The Dust' [Queen] / 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life' sort of thing with hand claps and foot stomping and all that stuff. It feels like the sort of song that might 'cross him over' and 'open him up to a different market' and all that sort of thing record labels spend their time wanking over when all they should really be asking themselves is "DOES THIS ACTUALLY HAVE A GOOD TUNE OR NOT". (It's got a good tune.). It is certainly "a toe tapper". There is a line that sounds a bit like "no trespassers up my arse". We thought the first chorus should have probably come in a bit earlier. The album is called this so we assume it will be a single at some point and it's pretty great so that would make sense.

UK OMG: The one that sounds like Queen; This track has got the influence of the legendary band written all over. In some of the heavy clapping parts you'd be mistaken for thinking for a second you were listening to 'We Will Rock You'. It has a heavy, distinct beat and really got under our skin.

UK OK: VERY reminiscent of Queen. We imagined a very energetic video going alongside, with lots of drums and electronic beats. We reckon this would go down a treat on the dancefloor.

UK MTV: Stand out songs include LP title track Trespassing - a foot-stomping anthem produced by Pharrell Williams - whose presence can be felt throughout the tune. With its heavy bassline and thumping beats, it's sure to be a hit - showing a more edgy R&B feel compared to his previous material.

Lindsey Parker (Yahoo! Music): Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" and "We Will Rock You" are the obvious pop-culture touchstones here, considering "Trespassing's" bowel-rumbling disco bassline (so funky, I could've sworn this was the track with Nile Rodgers), syncopated handclaps, and gang-chanty intro.

POP DUST: ...the song kicks into one of the tightest funk/disco tracks produced by Pharrell (!) since the halcyon days of “Rock Your Body” and “Hello Good,” with the guitar and bass both imitating Lambert’s vocal line, creating this compact sound that makes for a brilliantly propulsive opener. Adam’s more than up to the challenge of riding the beat, wailing “I don’t need no GPS to show me where to go!!!” and promising “No trespassers / Well, my ass / Wait till they get a load of me.”

It’s the kind of glammed-out, us vs. them disco stomper that we’re always wanting to hear from Adam, and it’s a hell of a way to get the album going. (The “Another One Bites the Dust“-ish break is a nice touch, too.) Where you been hiding, Pharrell?

2. CUCKOO: (3:02)
Adam "ear candy time" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Anne Preven - Composer, Lyricist; Bonnie McKee - Composer, Lyricist; Josh Abraham - Composer, Lyricist; Oliver Goldstein - Composer, Lyricist

written ~May 2011 per this tweet

3/8/12 Atlanta - Jezebel Mag party, shot by the fabulous lady_rinehart
3/19/12* 99.7 The Point Kansas City
3/??/12 93.3 Kansas
3/28/12* Star 101.3 San Fran
4/26/12* Jimmy Kimmel (fan vid #1)
4/26/12* Jimmy Kimmel (fan vid #2 improved by terraj
5/14/12 MLB Fan Cave

@BonnieMcKeee Literally losing our minds tonight. @adamlambert is popping the "coo" as we speak.
6 May [2011]

Adam says: [Maxwell interview] it’s electrofunk, it's about owning your own crazy, in the most positive, celebratory way, it’s kind of saying look I feel nuts, I’m out of my damn mind and I’m having a great time being that way... you’re so out of your mind it’s almost like you’re in an institution but that madhouse, that asylum, is the best disco in the world.

@heatworld What songs from Trespassing describe your dark side?? Is "Cuckoo" one of them?
@katush_a CUCKOO is def on the light side of the album.... its about the freedom in loosing your mind...

BYRON: Bonnie’s previous credits include several Katy Perry hits. Cookoo is another one for the hit list! Won’t give too much away on this one! Wait till ya hear it! Definitely a party jam. (NOTE: I love how Byron was reluctant to give anything away and in the meantime LOOK AT ALL THE FLAILING BELOW :D)

DEAN PIPER: This song is friggin’ HUGE. It’s dance pop through and through and people will be gagging to remix it. A floor filler, massive radio hit for Europe and even has a Britney style breakdown for the dance moves to be flexed. It was instantly a winner and a definite single.

EQ: My goodness. It only took about 20 seconds for this song to be one of my favorite songs of 2012. "Cookoo" opens up with a hard dance beat and progresses with swirly, sweeping synths that lure you in and make you want to dance. The chorus is huge. Massive sound and the track showcases Adam's extremely powerful vocals that have repeatedly set him above all the rest. Then we get to the bridge of the song, which is pure hard electro greatness. "Cookoo" is an extremely infectious song that demands attention right from the get go and is definitely one that you will all have on repeat for days.

EQ (full album review): Alright. This song. I’ve been ranting and raving about this song since January and have been DYING to hear it again. It’s a massive dance song with a chorus that’s part pop, part 80s hair metal. If ever there was a song that perfectly showcases Adam’s vocals while still maintaining an insane pop energy, it’s this one. Song of 2012? I would say so.

@JordanMeehan (EQ) Cuckoo will slay lives.

SUGARSCAPE: Instantly catchy, camp as hell, pure pop joy.

DIGITAL SPY: One song that a lot of people seem to be getting excited about is 'Cuckoo'. It's easy to see why; it's a towering electro-pop tune that despite being packed with all manner of production wizardry, remains an effortless number with a chorus whose hooks quickly dig in deep.

POP JUSTICE: 'Cuckoo' is the big song on this album. First time we heard it we thought it sounded like a streamlined version of Justice or Daft Punk. It's certainly a chart-friendly dance track that comes from a different, more sophisticated place to most of that other UTTER SHIT that seems to be passing for pop music at the moment. 'Cuckoo' is a song is about going mad, or maybe it's about going sane and everyone else being mad. Adam told us that he was thinking about the video already. We don't want to blow the surprise but it's based on a film. Actually the song is called 'Cuckoo' isn't it and it's about going mad so draw your own conclusions.

'Cuckoo' has a big chorus that goes, I wanna LOSE MY MIND like a maniac, and CROSS THE LINE never looking back we're ON THE LOOSE getting crazy and we've gone cuckoo, gonna party til they take us away. It looks a bit like one of those crap LMFAO party jams written down like that but the song as a whole feels a bit more like an outsidery burst of defiance than an insidery eruption of LOL. It is a really confident song and could make sense of Adam for UK fans-to-be in a way that his first album didn't quite manage to. It features one of those abstract borderline dubstep breakdown bits that everyone's doing at the moment.

This is a properly brilliant single. It feels a bit unfair to say "it doesn't even sound like Adam" but we suppose if people are either not fussed by what they've heard so far of Adam's work, or simply didn't like it very much, that's probably a good thing. The lyrics are fairly Adamish though, or what we think Adamish means. WHO IS THE REAL ADAM LAMBERT? (That was a rhetorical question, please don't email or phone the office.)

UK OMG: The one you'll want to party to: Cuckoo; This electro-pop track has a catchy chorus, strong rhythm and makes you want to get up and dance. We had to hold ourselves back from busting into some serious moves at the desk. Perfect for a Friday night.

UK OK: Very electro dance-pop with Adam singing about losing his mind and crossing the line. It's a total party tune.

Lindsey Parker (Yahoo! Music): .. bangin' floor-filler.. Hi-NRG disco workout... This is basically "If I Had You 2: Electric Boogaloo." It's the sound of Kylie Minogue, La Roux, and the Scissor Sisters chugging a case of Red Bull and then getting in a time machine set for 1977 and going to Studio 54, then getting back in that time machine, switching the dial to 1992, and heading to a rave. ...this hot track just makes me wanna dance, dance, dance. This is the jammmmm, people...intelligent, sophisticated, unnervingly catchy electropop--as in, if it doesn't have some effect on you, then you must be dead from the neck up and/or waist down.... just cuckoo-crazy-good, and it really ought to be Adam's next single.

3. SHADY: (02:58)
Adam "totally vanilla" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Sam Sparro - Composer, Lyricist Performer (feat.); Nile Rogers - Performer; Lester Mendez - Composer, Lyricist

written ~October 2011 per this tweet

5/14/12 MLB Fan Cave

Adam Says: Nine Inch Nails meets Saturday Night Fever
Rolling Stone article

Adam Says: It's a really fun song about being a little bit dark, and a little bit nasty, and a little bit wrong. And you know, everyone like to feel a little bit nasty and a little bit wrong from time to time!
Lindsey Parker Pt 2

DEAN PIPER: Shady is the track Justin Timberlake should be launching if/when he realizes that he was once a Prince of Pop. It’s a little more pop r+b I guess and yes, it is shady. There’s a Scissor Sisters style funk feel to it that runs throughout and the guest vocals work beyond perfectly. I was excited about this one and it doesn’t disappoint.

EQ: This song is attention grabbing from the get go. The lyrics are very suggestive and Adam's vocals are extremely seductive. His vocals on this track are also very diverse and really show off his extensive vocal range and ability. With a swelling bass and a big dance chorus, this song will make you want to dirty dance into the early hours of the morning.

EQ (full album review): This is another one of the tracks we heard back in January, and it’s as amazing as I remember. This one is a collaboration with Sam Sparro and Nile Rogers and you can hear their funk influence right out of the gate. The lyrics are delightfully suggestive and the bass line swells and grinds right along and leads into a stellar chorus. Total funk-meets-electro.

@jordanmeehan (EQ) ...makes me wanna take my clothes off. Sex playlist status. I'm just saying..... dirty dancing/grinding song. Sexy, sexy lyrics

SUGARSCAPE: Instantly catchy, camp as hell, pure pop joy.

DIGITAL SPY: Take me underground/Deep below the street, Adam teases on 'Shady' over a raunchy bass guitar riff that sounds like it was recorded in a sex club - though one of those trendy Soho ones with over-sized chandeliers on the ceiling and Cristal Champagne on the menu as opposed to a dank and nasty one in Bradford. It's confident, in-yer-face and exactly why certain people (in America, mostly) sometimes get all in a tiz about him.

POP JUSTICE: 'Shady' is a bit more exciting, an undulating groove-based thing which feels like an electro stab at Jacko's cover of 'Come Together'. Then a chorus bursts out of it with a turn it up turn it up turn it wAEYYY up bit.

UK OMG: The sexy one; Full of cool beats, heavy breathing and a slower tempo this tune, which features Sam Sparro and Nile Rogers, takes a rather different turn to the previous two. Lyrics like take me underground and get my kicks complete the sultry, dark feeling.

UK OK: Expect a really futuristic sound here, as Adam croons about being taken underground where the freaks like us can meet. Once again there's elements of electro-pop here and a real groovy sound.

UK MTV: ...wouldn't look out of place on a Maroon 5 LP [NOTE: lol wat]. Dirty pop at it's best.

Adam Lambert - Performer
Ari Levine - Composer, Lyricist; Bruno Mars - Composer, Lyricist; Henry Walter - Composer, Lyricist; Lukasz Gottwald - Composer, Lyricist; Philip Lawrence - Composer, Lyricist

illuxxia for the 1st gif <3

3/25/12* Portland 95.5 Bing Lounge
4/26/12* Jimmy Kimmel
5/17/12 American Idol

POP JUSTICE: There was a song Adam played us last year called 'Never Close Our Eyes' or something which had a big line that went something like, never close my eyes, MY EYEESSSSSS. It's quite raveular. That should probably be a single at some point, mind you it doesn't have quite as much of Adam's identity in it as some of the other songs on the album. This said, identity's not much use when you're not selling any albums because you picked the wrong singles, is it?

....a hit single however you look at it, so if people haven't been very into the whole Queen-esque Pharrell business this will help sell some albums. We seem to recall Adam saying that Bruno Mars had something to do with this one but he might have been talking about something else.

Rolling Stone: This is pop music as simple arithmetic: A Bruno Mars tune plus Dr. Luke production plus an Adam Lambert vocal equals radio hit gold. "Never Close Our Eyes" is that calculated - right down to the lyric, which aims for the same party-at-the-edge-of-doom vibe as recent smashes like "I Gotta Feeling" and "Till the World Ends". (Why can't we just live life with no consequence/And always live in the now?" Lambert sings.) But there's no denying the pulsating electro drive of Luke's beat, or the blustery power of the melody and lyrics. As for Lambert, the magnificence of his strident vocals defies all formulas and precepts, mathematical and otherwise.

@JordanMeehan (EQ)
And there's another one on there that will SHATTER charts that I'm not allowed to talk about. :X

@JordanMeehan (EQ) Hahaha the song just isn't done yet, so they don't want us talking about it. But sweet fuck one of the best dance songs ever.

EQ (full album review): Funny story about this track. Well…not really. Anyway, when we heard some tracks back in January, we heard this one but we weren’t allowed to talk about it because it wasn’t finished yet. I can’t express to you how difficult this was for me, as this is one of my favorite songs on the album. To me, this is a perfect dance pop song: it’s got great lyrics, great structure, an amazing chorus and Adam’s vocals really, really shine on it. There seems to be a theme of unapologetic love on this album, and it really continues with this track and it fits quite nicely.

5. KICKIN IN: (03:16)
Adam "a-bounce-a-bounce-a-bounce" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Pharrell fucking Williams - Composer, Lyricist

written ~June 2011

5/14/12 MLB Fan Cave
5/14/12 MLB Fan Cave

ki ki ki ki KICKIN IN \o\ /o/ \o\ /o/ \o\

a bounce a bounce a bounce

Adam Says: This song has shades of MJ and Prince, it's a fun song about me narrating, giving commentary of a hot mess girl at a bar.
Lindsey Parker Pt 1

@heatworld What song are you MOST looking forward to your fans hearing? #AdamOnHeat
@Canadian_Paula KICKIN IN is gonna be a big surprise... another Pharrell masterpiece... its gonna make da kidz moooove

BYRON: Damn it got this white boy movin! It's a club banger and for mine… a HIT! She puts the shot glass down, she asks for another round, girl dont u hit the ground, is it kickin in. Funky shit.

EQ (full album review): Alright. This song is a bit different from the rest of the album, but it’s so much fun and has such a different structure and feel to it and I just love it. There isn’t really much to say about this track, it’s just total funky fun and the chorus just makes you wanna dance around. It’s a good thing.

6. NAKED LOVE: (03:22)
Adam "Executive Producer" Lambert - Performer
AMMAR - Composer, Lyricist; Benjamin Levin - Composer, Lyricist; Dano - Composer, Lyricist; Josh Abraham - Composer, Lyricist; Oliver Goldstein - Composer, Lyricist

gifs by illuxxia <3

3/12/12 1st snippet from Cobalt
4/26/12* Jimmy Kimmel

Adam Says: It's by Benny Blanco and the writers that did Moves Like Jagger, going into a disco place. It's basically a song that's like, 'I don't want all the frills and the fancy smoke, I want the real thing: pure love.
Lindsey Parker Pt 2

@heatworld Hi adam! there's a song called "Naked Love" in ur upcoming album? Is That true? :)
@adamfascinated Thats true! NAKED LUV is an upcoming song! really great catchy happy pop!

EQ (full album review): I’m a little conflicted on this track. It isn’t really a matter of whether or not I think it’s good, because I think it’s great. I just can’t decide if I think it fits with the rest of the songs on the album or not. On the one hand, the lyrics and the theme of the song coincide with the theme of love, but it just feels like it would have been a better fit on For Your Entertainment. It has an entirely different sound than the first half and the second half of the album, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just…a thing. Well, whether or not it fits with the album, it’s still a great song plain and simple.

7. POP THAT LOCK: (03:15)
Adam "banshee banjee spelling bee champ" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Josh Crosby - Composer, Lyricist; Lesley Roy - Composer, Lyricist; Nate Campany - Composer, Lyricist; Robert Marvin - Composer, Lyricist


@robertmarvin @adamlambert: Pop That Lock: Banshee Boys and Dancey Girls get down ”this song is nasty! Can't wait for you all to hear.

EQ (full album review): This is another interesting one. Almost as if it was written just to be a single. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t mind if this one was a single, because it’s a fantastic dance song and has “club banger” written ALL over it. The lyrics are simple and dance focused; this track has everything a good club banging track needs, not to mention an incredible electro breakdown that, quite honestly, reminds me of robots. I don’t know why, it just does.


ty mindchnger for the gif <3

1/17/12* Leno
1/19/12* Ellen DeGeneres
1/29/12* Q Snowcase :'D
2/3/12 UK showcase for industry ppol
3/13/12* KC 101.3 Connecticut <-- this is srsly beautiful

EQ (full album review): We’ve all heard this one, fell in love with it, and formed our opinions, so I’ll be brief. It’s a great mid-tempo power ballad that serves as a great transition from the light part of the album into the dark part. Not to mention it has a great music video.

Adam "hrrrnnngggg" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Lester Mendez - Composer, Lyricist; Sam Sparro - Composer, Lyricist

written ~October 2011? per this tweet

mindchnger for the gif <3

4/26/12 Jimmy Kimmel(fan vid #1)
4/26/12 Jimmy Kimmel (fan vid #2)
4/26/12 Jimmy Kimmel (fan vid #3)
4/26/12* Jimmy Kimmel combined & improved by terraj A+


Adam Says: It's talking about communication and how sometimes language isn't the only way we communicate. People rely so heavily on words sometimes, and it's talking about the hidden meanings of things and the communication that can occur outside of spoken words--body language, eye contact, and how much beauty and magic there can be in that.
Lindsey Parker Pt 2

BYRON: An anthemic, slower tempo track . A beautiful love song which might just possibly be autobiographical. I know you will understand I gotta tell you somehow. Like say you had a partner whose 1st language wasn’t English….you might encounter this situation! Quite haunting in parts & some fat beats amazing song.

DEAN PIPER: Easily his strongest vocal on the sampler I’ve heard. It’s subtle and controlled and reminded me of a Darren Hayes style track but with an injection of adrenalin to make it actually worthwhile listening to without wanting to top yourself when it’s overplayed.

EQ: This is the final song we heard and it is more of a mid-tempo dance song with a very driving beat. I was initially a little skeptical about this one until I heard the chorus. The chorus to this song is huge and even infuses some dubstep into it, which proved to be very effective. And then you're blindsided by Adam's huge vocals and you instantly fall in love with this track. The breakdown in the bridge is also irresistible and features very hard electronica fused together with some dubstep.

EQ (full album review): Another one of the tracks we’ve already talked about, so again, I’ll be brief. It’s a great mid-tempo song that chugs along and smacks you in the face with a big, dub-step influenced chorus and sprinkles in some major vocals from Adam. It’s a bit of a strange song, but most great things are out of the ordinary.

SUGARSCAPE: Adam angrily belts out his frustrations in Broken English, a track very much on the 'dark' side of the album but a bit more upbeat, with a bit of a dubby breakdown in the middle slathered with a haunting wail-type-noise. [NOTE: idk why I'm very excited by that description \o/]

DIGITAL SPY: It's about struggling to communicate with your partner. I can't say all the little things that I wanna tell you right now, he says, before we heard a bizarre but instantly addictive noise that we can only compare to a fire extinguisher being let off. We originally likened it to Britney's 'Inside Out', but on reflection it's a pretty loose comparison.

POP JUSTICE: 'Broken English' has some lyrics about Tower of Babel ... falling down again AND lost inside communication breakdown AND I know you won't understand but I've got to tell you somehow. We thought 'Broken English' was alright but it's definite album track material. That said, this album's of a pretty high standard so it's not like saying album track in the Pixie Lott sense.

UK OMG: The dark one; The one we least enjoyed but perhaps because we were so taken aback by the first three our expectations were huge. A slower, more haunting feel, which builds to a dark crescendo. If the album is split into two (upbeat v introspective) then this fits with the latter.

UK OK: Echoed sounds of the 80s with a bit of a twist. We weren't all too sure exactly what his message was, but found that didn't really matter - we loved it anyway.

Lindsey Parker (Yahoo! Music): ..the hypnotic, slinky instrumentation even brings to mind Adam's iconic "Ring Of Fire" performance from back in the day. Sophisticated, sleek, and sultry, this mix of pop, electronica, and blue-eyelinered soul... sounds like little else on the radio right now. Which, in my opinion, is a very good thing.

10. UNDERNEATH: (04:08)
Adam "welcome-to-my-world-of-truth" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Catt Gravitt - Composer, Lyricist; Josh Crosby - Composer, Lyricist; Tom Shapiro - Composer, Lyricist

Adam Says: A really heartbreaking song. I think it's really about, especially given my experience, sometimes when you're not in a good place or you're hurting or going through something, you have to kind of put on a game face and fake it....I think people just like to write someone like me off, like, 'Oh, he's a freak.' But I'm a person. It's not that one-dimensional
Lindsey Parker Pt 2

@heatworld @Glamfate what about UNDERNEATH ?!
@PersianGlamDr @Glamfate Underneath is one of the darkest, most vulnerable tracks...

BYRON: Another track from Adam’s “darker side” and definitely one of the stand outs. Its stripped back basically to piano and vocals & REALLY lets Adams vocal shine… at least in the rough mix I was played. You got to remember these tracks are SO new they aren’t even finished yet!

This song also made the Fifi and Jules DJ cry, it was her favorite.

EQ (full album review): I’m just gonna say it…this might be the best song on the album. I know, I know, it’s not a big dance pop song and it isn’t all up in your face, but this track has such raw power and emotion that is unmatched by any other song on the album. Underneath is so personal, strong and powerful, in both the lyrics and in Adam’s vocals. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it might be more emotional and touching than Outlaws of Love. Definitely my favorite song on the album (I’m sorry, Cuckoo, you’re still a close #2).

Lindsey Parker (Yahoo! Music): This haunting ballad may not promise the sexyfuntimes of "Cuckoo" and "Trespassing," but the wintry song serves as the flipside of those summery party anthems, showcasing Adam at his most stripped and vulnerable. This is the track that really trespasses on Adam's psyche, so to speak. Everybody wants to talk about a freak/No one wants to dig that deep/Let me take you underneath, he keens, delivering a vocal every bit as passionate and powerful as FYE's Soaked while somehow sounding restrained in a way he hasn't sounded since he game-changingly sang Mad World and Tracks Of My Tears on Idol. Everyone of course knows Adam for his over-the-top persona and glass-shattering glory notes--and trust me, he hits some seriously glorious notes here--but the overall effect on this track is unexpectedly intimate and fragile, as opposed to bombastic and campy. Check your arms for goosebumps after listening.

11. CHOKEHOLD: (03:50)
Adam "i-ain't-into-freaky-shit" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Bonnie McKee, Composer, Lyricist; Josh Abraham - Composer, Lyricist; Oliver Goldstein - Composer, Lyricist

3/8/12 Atlanta - Jezebel Mag party, shot by the fabulous lady_rinehart

Adam Says: It's about being involved with somebody who is not good for you emotionally.
Dish of Salt Interview

Adam Says: That song's about being in a relationship with somebody that is not good for you. Kind of how you keep going back for more, even though it's an emotionally masochistic relationship. [I once called the song] 'S&M music,' and I didn't mean [actual] S&M music, I meant like, emotional masochism, when you're going back for more pain. Not actually being tied up--I'm not into that!"
Lindsey Parker Pt 2

BYRON: Adam didn’t play me the song but went out of his way to tell me about it at lunch. He’s really excited for people to hear it when its ready. Says it’s got a 90′s Depeche Mode feel …I say bring it on!

EQ (full album review): This one is much faster paced than Underneath, but still has a darker feeling to it, like the other songs on this half of the album. What I really love about this song is that it sounds like an amalgamation of heavy metal and electronica. Chokehold is a great hard rocking dance song with an irresistible dark edge that I just can’t get enough of.

12. OUTLAWS OF LOVE: (03:51)
Adam "lolunfawwww" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
BC Jean - Composer, Lyricist; Rune Westberg - Composer, Lyricist

7/29/11 Sainte Agathe
1/29/12 Q Snowcase :'D
2/3/12 UK showcase for industry ppol
3/5/12 Mix 102.9 Dallas/Ft Worth

@heatworld We have heard OUTLAWS OF LOVE in acoustic ... studio recording will surprise us?
@Ryden_Smiles The studio version is much more cinematic. More instrumention. But still an organic feel...

DEAN PIPER: It’s written beautifully and is empowering and you really connect with the fact this song is deeply personal. It feels like an Aguilera ballad (minus the dodgy diva fakeness). He should be extremely proud of this one – and it will become a firm anthem for the fans…..

EQ: This song absolutely broke my heart. It's a much slower tempo ballad, which shows off the darker elements of the album and features very tender, vulnerable vocals. Not only is this a very vulnerable song, it is also very emotionally revealing and authentic. Adam really lets his guard down and reveals his heart with this song and such authentic vulnerability is a rare find in pop music these days. The lyrics are rather sad, but this song will, without a doubt, hit home with the LGBT community (and everyone else, in all honesty). When you listen to it, be sure to have some tissues nearby. Seriously.

EQ (full album review): We talked about this one a few months ago, too, and I’m sure you’ve all seen live performances of it by now. Put simply, this song is a heart-breaking ballad that really hits home for me, as it highlights the harsh reality that the world still isn’t accepting of love in all of it’s forms, especially in relation to the LGBT community.

SUGARSCAPE: Outlaws Of Love, we're told, is the most personal song Adam's ever written. Fans who worry that Adam's voice might not be showcased enough on the album can sleep easy as this song is all raw, tumbling emotion poured out in breathy, lingering vocals.

DIGITAL SPY: 'Outlaws of Love', we were told, is Adam's "most personal" song on the record. Essentially, it's a massive ballad with big drums and delicate chimes that shows off his surprisingly wide vocal range.

POP JUSTICE: An interesting song on the Lambo album. It's a pretty special song. While it was on we had a discussion in the office about the whole burning in hell business. We thought it was quite interesting that he goes, I don't think we will, as if he is not quite certain that he won't. That felt like one of the most powerful bits to us, because there is an element of doubt despite Adam's outward confidence. We suppose it is quite complex isn't it, that sort of thing. Especially if you bring religion into it. It feels like a better expression of what it might be like to be gay in America than anything else we've heard recently, and it's got a fantastic tune.

UK OMG: he one that will give you goosebumps; We were told this track is all about Adam's personal struggles and it's certainly a very honest creation. Our favourite of the five, and the one that most shows off his amazing voice - and range. It's an introspective ballad with resonating lyrics like You've branded us enough outlaws of love/Everywhere we go we're looking for the sun that will leave you feeling goosebumpy and chilled - but not unhappy.

UK OK: This ballad really stands out on the album, as fans get to hear his haunting, pitch-perfect voice. Interestingly, this is quite a dark ballad but really strikes a chord as you can feel the emotion in his voice.

UK MTV: Other highlights include heartfelt ballad Outlaws Of Love. Described as the 'most personal song' on the record, the dark track tells the tale of a forbidden relationship - otherwise known as Lambert's 'coming out' song. It displays a softer side to the somewhat eccentric star, giving him a chance to show off his crazy vocals and believe us, this boy can sing!

13. RUNNIN': (03:48)
Deluxe Edition Bonus Track

Adam "Executive Producer" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Catt Gravitt - Composer, Lyricist; David Marshall - Composer, Lyricist; Fred Williams - Composer, Lyricist; Robert Marvin, Composer, Lyricist

EQ (full album review): All three of the bonus tracks are fantastic, plain and simple. This one starts off going hard and churns along at a mid-tempo pace and leads up into a big, pounding chorus. It really fits perfectly with the second half of the album and is a great follow up to Outlaws of Love. Another one of my favorites, which I can’t wait to see live! [NOTE: me too jordan meeee toooo]

14. TAKE BACK: (03:12)
Deluxe Edition Bonus Track

Adam "Executive Producer" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Busbee - Composer, Lyricist

EQ (full album review): Once again, this song is a fantastic follow up to the song that preceded it. Take Back is a pretty mid-tempo dance song with some dark flair and a big, driving chorus, which kind of reminds me of some early 2000s rock songs. Don’t ask me which ones though, just run with it. It’s a great song

15. NIRVANA: (04:22)
Deluxe Edition Bonus Track

Adam "Executive Producer" Lambert - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
Josh Abraham - Composer, Lyricist; Oliver Goldstein - Composer, Lyricist; Stephen Wrabel - Composer, Lyricist

EQ (full album review): This song is a perfect song to end this album: the album goes from the idea of trespassing and being an outsider to an ideal state of nirvana, a state with no suffering or desire. What’s great about this track is the entire feel of it, the instrumental and the vocals, feel so euphoric and ethereal, which really tie into the theme and add to the songs greatness. Perfect closing song for such an album.

15. By the Rules:
Japanese/UK Edition Bonus Track


16. Map:
UK Edition Bonus Track

Adam Executive Producer Lambert, Bonnie McKee, Oliver Elliott Goldstein, Joshua Abraham, Anne Preven proof
found here

not sure what song these tweets are referring to -
ClaudeKelly did ya really think we would only make one? this is America...over-indulgence is our specialty. @adamlambert @mlebean @TheDoctorLuke bwahah

ClaudeKelly There is DEF more @adamlambert + @ClaudeKelly music cookin' in the kitchen...who's hungry? *evil grin*

ALBUM (General flail):

BYRON: This stuff is so hot it’s not even finished!

DEAN PIPER: You need to dust off those Cuban heels, grab your disco pants and unleash on the dancefloor…. I heard six songs today. Three are sure fire radio and chart hits – easily. And this is aside from the lead single Better Than I Know Myself…. his vocals are amazing. This album was born to fly…. I can see the majority of these tracks being on radio (Capital will cream their pants over it) – and I’m told there’s more surprises in store…. I believe in this album and Adam. He’s delivered something quite special here. …. I’m gagging to have Trespassing on my iPod. I’m also thrilled that he’s produced this. It’s a new Adam but most importantly it’s a better Adam. He’s raised his game, found what works and is onto a winner.

EQ: On "Trespassing" @adamlambert has perfected the mix of pop, rock, dubstep, dance and melody to make a cohesive and mighty piece of pop art. Based on the new tracks we heard today - we can tell you that "Trespassing" is going to be amazing.

Based on the five songs I heard today I can say without a doubt that "Trespassing" will be the album of the year. "Trespassing" fuses together rock, dance-pop and a little dubstep and does it expertly.

While this album is extremely forward-thinking and sonically progressive, this isn't all that makes it great. What makes this album so wonderful is that you can really feel Adam's personality shining through in each song. Few artists have the ability to do what Adam does here: to create a piece of art that stems straight from the heart and soul while still sounding so unique, futuristic and amazing.

Get ready Glamberts, "Trespassing" by Adam Lambert is going to seriously shake up the pop music scene in 2012.

@JordanMeehan (EQ) The passion of Adam Lambert's fan base, combined with the sheer perfectness of his new album will skyrocket it to #1 SO fast. Get ready.

EQ (full album review): I really can’t say enough good things about this album; it’s extremely strong, cohesive and deep, which you really don’t find in pop. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m an extremely harsh critic of most mainstream pop music. I have very high standards when it comes to pop, because so many pop artists skate by with minimal talent and maximal production and vocal enhancements. What I love so much about Adam is that he’s an artist who is not only overflowing with talent and showmanship, but also has within himself the talent and creativity to create an original, unique and meaningful piece of work that shines brighter than all the rest.

Trespassing is undoubtedly the pop album of the year and has raised the standard for everybody else out there. It’s an amazing combination of pop, rock, dubstep, electro and dance, which comes together so organically to form an extremely strong, cohesive album that is enjoyable from start to finish. There isn’t a single uneventful moment on Trespassing; it’s full of energy the entire way through, and even the slower songs and ballads radiate a quiet intensity, making them impossible to ignore. Overall, this album is an incredible work, which may just prove to be the album of the year.

SUGARSCAPE: His last album was good, but we didn't think it was great. His single, Better Than I Know Myself (below) is a very good pop song, but we'd heard all sorts of hype and hoo-hah about the few tracks from Trespassing Adam's publicist is showcasing, and were prepared to be a bit let down.

WELL WE WERE BIG FAT WRONG. Unless the tracks we haven't heard yet all turn out to be cack, this album is set to be an absolute pop corker. It's unashamedly full on POP music, and we can't wait to hear the rest of the record.

DIGITAL SPY: What we [heard] was, put simply, brilliant. Things we jotted down during the playback were "epic", "growly", "Jacko-esque", "filthy", "Queen", "devastating", "clapping" and "Sam Sparro".

POP JUSTICE: There are some songs that will make people go "OH THERE IS ADAM DOING ALL THAT STUFF AGAIN" but there are also some bits that people-who-haven't-liked-Lambo-before will like. We're pretty sure most people will like 'Cuckoo'.

ROLLING STONE: club-ready sound inspired by classic disco, Nineties electronica and Skrillex-y dubstep
Adam Quotes from RS: There's party music, sex music, fucked-up-relationship S&M music, but every song explores something real.

UK OMG: the five songs we sampled left us tapping our toes under our desks, bopping at our computers and holding back gracing the office with an entire set of dance moves.

UK OK: Adam Lambert's Trespassing review - if you like pop you'll LOVE this. Set to delight hardcore fans and create a flurry of new ones as it's an impressive collection of hit after hit... we felt blown away by EVERY track thanks to his incredible voice and catchy ditties.... several reminding us of Queen, while others felt as energetic as watching a stage show.

UK MTV: Overall, Trespassing displays Lambert's progression from being a contestant on American Idol to becoming an artist in his own right and we can't wait to hear the rest of the record!

Lindsey Parker (Yahoo! Music): My first impression of the four songs, besides their obvious awesomeness, is how cohesively they hang together, even as they flip between the light and dark, the hard and soft, the upbeat and the downtempo... it seems like on Trespassing, Adam has truly found his voice. Gone is any semblance of classic-rock posturing... this is big, shiny pop, but it's pop with an edge. Remember how Adam once described himself as edgy, with a smile? Yeah, it's like that.

UK MSN: ..We were treated to a five-track preview the other day and we've got to say, we've not had this good a feeling about an album since we heard an advance copy of 21 by Adele.

Adam during @heatworld twitter party:
@heatworld We already know 11 songs from Trespassing!! What's the title of 12th?
@katush_a are you sure about that?? Hehe

@heatworld What´s the difference between deluxe and ordinary edition of TRESPASSING? #adamonheat
@ailaah The Deluxe will have bonus tracks
@jristen prob 3 or 4

@heatworld Do you already know what song your 2nd single is going to be?
@AdamLambertBE Nope... theres about four in the running... theyre all massive... im so excited
[He names them during the Sugar Scape interview - Naked Love, Trespassing, Cuckoo, Never Close Our Eyes]

@heatworld Adam, is there some dubstep in one of your songs?
@Karenper theres dashes of dubstep here and there... used like spice in a recipe...

@heatworld does the dark side of life always feel bad? and the light side always good?
@CrazzyGlambert No. The album attempts to show how nothing and noone is that black and white... there are shades of gray.

Get Over It demo
Adam, Rune Westberg, Zac Maloy
This one won't be on the album.

heatworld twitter party on 2/2/12
@heatworld Will the song "Get Over It" be on the album? #AdamOnHeat I loved the demo i heard!
@Glamfate Nope... :(



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